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System.Security.SecurityException: Cannot instal the software

Published on 23 Aug, 2022

Read this post if you get at the installation this error message: "System.Security.SecurityException: Customized functionality in this application will not work because the certificate used to sign the deployment manifest for GISXL or its location is not trusted. Contact your administrator for further assistance."

Online COVID-19 dashboard

Published on 7 Jun, 2020

Some time ago I published an online app for COVID-19 data analysis and visualization.


Published on 23 Jun, 2019

In recent days, we’ve made another milestone. We’ve reached the limit of 10,000 downloads with the GIS.XL add-in.

Process Your Excel Data Simpler and Faster

Published on 27 Oct, 2018

This month I released new tool. Reshape.XL is a general purpose tool for effective data processing (wrangling) in Excel. This tool is released as a small installable add-in for Excel.

8,000 Installations of GIS.XL add-in

Published on 15 Oct, 2018

This week we have achieved a milestone. GIS.XL has currently 8,000 installations.

How to convert WKT to Shapefile in Excel

Published on 6 Jun, 2018

In this post we look at how to convert spatial data from WKT format to Shapefile directly in Excel.

FAQ: Differences Between GIS.XL And Other GIS Tools

Published on 10 May, 2018

I often get a question about the difference between GIS.XL and other GIS apps such as QGIS. Especially GIS specialists often asks me if they need GIS.XL when they can do everything in QGIS. Partly that’s true. But the difference is in the workflow.

How to Special Color Palettes

Published on 20 Apr, 2018

An important part of the add-in functionality is the visualization of excel data on maps. At work with the GIS.XL add-in you can create a visualization where continuous or categorical variables are encoded to polygon (or line, or point) color. In the base version, the add-in allows you to use only simple color palettes (two-color palette and rainbow palette). Since 2.0 version has been added support for 54 new special color palettes.

FAQ: Is GIS.XL Add-in an Alternative to ArcGIS Maps for Office?

Published on 10 Apr, 2018

Sometimes I get a question about whether the GIS.XL add-in is an alternative to ArcGIS Maps for Office. It all depends on how you need to work with your spatial data in Excel. This article reflects my point of view.

FAQ: One License on Several Computers

Published on 26 Mar, 2018

This post should clarify one frequently asked question - can I use one GIS.XL license on multiple computers?

GIS.XL 2.0 Has Been Actualized

Published on 20 Feb, 2018

Based on comment from user, I updated the GIS.XL add-in.

GPX Files in Excel

Published on 20 Nov, 2017

An important feature of the GIS.XL add-in is import of GPX files. This feature has been added to version 2.0 and is used for direct and rapid import of spatial data from GPX files to Excel. GPX or GPS Exchange Format is an XML schema designed as a common GPS data format for software application. It can be used to describe waypoints, tracks and routes. This format is open and data can be interchanged between GPX devices and software applications.

FAQ: How to Export Large Shapefiles to Excel

Published on 25 Oct, 2017

Occasionally I receive a question: How many shapefile features can be exported to a spreadsheet at once? Users have this problem with the third-party products, where the maximum number of exported spatial features is strictly limited.

Documentation for GIS.XL 2.0 is Ready

Published on 28 Jul, 2017

Since I released a new version of the GIS.XL add-in that includes many new functions, I also updated the documentation.

New Features GIS.XL 2.0

Published on 26 Jun, 2017

From today, you can download and install new version of the GIS.XL add-in. This add-in serves to work with spatial data directly inside the Excel.

GIS.XL 2.0 is Comming

Published on 20 Jun, 2017

In a short time (a few days), new updated version of the GIS.XL add-in will be released. Visually, the add-in is changed only a little. Updated were practically all the functions and completely new has been added. These new functions significantly expand the add-in usability. The following post describes in detail all the news.

GIS.XL 1.0 - Use Case

Published on 25 Jan, 2017

The following video shows a real application of GIS.XL add-in in practice. Instructional video was created on demand and real data of one customer. For video tutorial was used immunization data from Bangladesh.

GIS.XL Newsletter [2]

Published on 30 Oct, 2016

Newsletter describes GIS.XL news from the last 6 months. News can be divided into two groups:

Important Update of GIS.XL & Map.XL Add-in [4]

Published on 26 Sep, 2016

If you tried GIS.XL and Map.XL add-ins on the latest Excel versions, you may have noticed that they did not work always correctly. This was due to an important actualization in the architecture of MS Office applications.

GPS Track Points in Excel

Published on 11 Sep, 2016

GIS.XL add-in allows you to work also with data that has linear character - connected set of points (lines). About lines in GIS.XL is the following post. I will show you, how to create a line map layer and how to export GPX data to a Shapefile.

GIS.XL Add-in Update [3]

Published on 8 Sep, 2016

In the function Excel to GIS – Update Attribute Table I found a bug.

How to Convert Map Coordinates in Excel

Published on 14 Jun, 2016

This post shows you how to convert coordinates between different map projections directly in Excel.

How to Install Add-ins Correctly

Published on 17 May, 2016

Some users have reported problems with the add-in installation. At the installation, the process terminates with an error message and add-in could not be installed. How to fix this problem?

Map.XL – Online Maps in Excel

Published on 12 May, 2016

For a new version of GIS.XL add-in I worked with online base maps.

How to Create ArcGIS Shapefiles from Excel table

Published on 10 May, 2016

The basic function of GIS.XL add-in is the data export from Excel to shapefile. Exactly for this purpose was add-in created and other features have been added later. In this post I show how to create point shapefile from data inExcel table.

GIS.XL Newsletter [1]

Published on 8 May, 2016

It’s been three months from the public launch. What has happened? How the project continues? Answers to these questions you will find in the following text.

User Manual for GIS.XL 1.0

Published on 6 May, 2016

User manual for GIS.XL add-in is available in the PDF format.

How to Import Shapefiles to Excel

Published on 4 May, 2016

Using GIS.XL add-in you can work with ArcGIS shapefiles directly inside the Excel window. You can import, visualize, create, update, export shapefile or use it as a basis for further statistical analysis. In this post, we will show how to import shapefiles to Excel and how to work with multiple layers in the Map Panel.

How to Enable / Disable GIS.XL Add-in in Excel

Published on 1 May, 2016

After installing the GIS.XL add-in, it will starts automatically, every time you start the Excel. This option (automatic start) can be changed to start only to user request.

GIS.XL 1.0 Add-in Update [2]

Published on 28 Apr, 2016

In the last time I actively work with the GIS.XL add-in. I found that at a certain setup the function Special – Polygon Stat displays incorrect statistical results.

How to Activate / Deactivate Your License

Published on 24 Apr, 2016

Post describes how to activate and deactivate the full version of GIS.XL add-in.

GIS.XL 1.0 Add-in Update [1]

Published on 19 Mar, 2016

From today you can download updated version of GIS.XL add-in.

Update of Installation Package

Published on 15 Mar, 2016

If you tested GIS.XL add-in for spatial data processing in Excel, some of you could have noticed that selected functions did not work properly.

Philosophy of GIS.XL Add-in

Published on 9 Mar, 2016

In article is described the philosophy on which was built architecture and functionality of the GIS.XL add-in. During development, I tried to create an efficient tool for work with spatial data and maps in Excel. The basic mantra in its development was the simplicity and robustness.

How to Install / Uninstall GIS.XL Add-in

Published on 4 Mar, 2016

Installing the GIS.XL add-in is very easy.

GIS.XL 1.0 - Introduction

Published on 28 Feb, 2016

This post introduces new tool, named GIS.XL.

Getting Started

Published on 22 Feb, 2016

I'm glad to announce the launch of a new project. If you are working with spatial data, I’m sure that you've already noticed one think. Dynamically changed data are stored and transferred mostly in the form of Excel files. In many areas are Excel files de facto a standard for small data sets.