How to Enable / Disable GIS.XL Add-in in Excel

Published on Sunday, May 1, 2016 by Milos Gregor

After installing the GIS.XL add-in, it will starts automatically, every time you start the Excel. This option (automatic start) can be changed to start only to user request.

This option can be set directly in the Excel. If you disable the add-in and then you restart the Excel, selected add-in will be not start automatically. You can disable or enable add-in in few quick steps. First, click on the Excel Main Ribbon Button – File.

Show Excel options

In displayed menu (on the left side) click on Options item to display the following dialog.

Show Installed Excel Add-ins

If you click in this dialog on the Add-ins item, all installed accessories and add-ins will be displayed. In the bottom combo box choose COM Add-ins option and press the Go button. A small dialog appears with a list of installed COM add-ins. Here will be also listed our GIS.XL add-in.

Enable and Disable Excel Com Add-in

Using the check-box you can enable or disable selected add-in. When you restart your Excel, program remembers whether the add-in was enabled or disabled. If was enabled, also the GIS.XL add-in starts automatically.