How to Activate / Deactivate Your License

Published on Sunday, April 24, 2016 by Milos Gregor

Post describes how to activate and deactivate the full version of GIS.XL add-in.

Since the sales starts before I assumed, in this post I show you how to activate the full version of the add-in. User manual is almost ready and very soon will be available for download. To use the full add-in functionality without limitations, you need to buy a license. To purchase, click on the link in menu - Buy Now. You can choose whether you want to use timely-unlimited license of the current version or temporal (annual) license of the latest. For online payment I use external secure supplier Avangate. After payment, I will send you the activation code to provided email.

The following video shows how to activate and deactivate the full version of add-in in your computer using by activation code.

After this step, you can immediately use the full functionality of the add-in such as data export from Excel table to ShapeFile.

Your license is portable. You can use it on multiple computers according to your needs. However, it can always be active only on one computer.