Documentation for GIS.XL 2.0 is Ready

Published on Friday, July 28, 2017 by Milos Gregor

Since I released a new version of the GIS.XL add-in that includes many new functions, I also updated the documentation.

The documentation (user manual) for previous version was released as a simple PDF document. I changed the form of publishing and from now the documentation of GIS.XL add-in will be available in the form of online documentation. Its advantage is a higher degree of interactivity and update options. It is also possible to find for more quickly a solution of your problem. Simply click on the magnifying glass icon.

For the documentation is dedicated specialized - How To section. This section contains a complete description of all features and functions as well as use cases and examples. In addition, individual steps of work in GIS.XL add-in are accompanied by videotutorials. These are completed step by step.

From now, you can take the full advantage of the GIS.XL add-in functionality and options. More examples will be also published in the blog section.

If you do not understand how to use some procedure or feature, do not hesitate to contact me and I extend / improve related section of documentation.