How to Install Add-ins Correctly

Published on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 by Milos Gregor

Some users have reported problems with the add-in installation. At the installation, the process terminates with an error message and add-in could not be installed. How to fix this problem?

The GIS.XL add-in, as well as the Map.XL, are released in the standard windows Click-Once Installer. However, this installer has certain restrictions, depending on the security settings of your OS. If you download the add-in, it can happen that you cannot install the add-in. Try to fix this problem in the following way.

99,9 % of the errors are based on that you want to install the add-in from a directory to which you don’t have full-right access. It is necessary to move downloaded ZIP file to a directory with full access. Copy your downloaded ZIP file to the directory “Desktop” or “My Documents” and install it from here. After installation, you can remove the installation package from this place.

This step solve 99,9 % of problems. If an error appears again, try also these steps:

  • turn off your antivirus during the installation process. Both installation packages are digitally signed (see in file properties) so install only packages downloaded from this website.
  • left-click on the ZIP file and in context menu click on the Properties item. If you find in this dialog a button named "Unblock", press it.
  • copy installation to “My Documents” and start the installation again from here. For the start, left-click on the setup.exe file and from context menu choose "Run as Administrator"

Using these tips you certainly install the add-in without any error message.

In case, the problem persists, feel free to contact me.