Map.XL – Online Maps in Excel

Published on Thursday, May 12, 2016 by Milos Gregor

For a new version of GIS.XL add-in I worked with online base maps.

Online maps are a very good base if you want to display your spatial data in relation to real-word space. Therefore, for the next version of GIS.XL add-in I plan to add a support of online maps. As part of this work, I tested several options and methods of its displaying. As a side-product was created new Excel add-in. This add-in includes only a few basic functions and currently I don’t plan its next development. Therefore, I publish it as a freeware.

Basically, it is a simple Excel add-in for online maps display with user-defined point data. As a base map you can choose from a wide range of online map providers (e.g. ESRI, Google, …). Displayed maps you can zoom and pan. On these maps you can display your point data, defined by two coordinates (latitude, longitude). The result you can export as a simple raster image. If you need to zoom your map on selected location, you can directly use the geocoding feature(available only for selected map providers).

Map.XL add-in does not support data that is stored different coordinate systems, markers formatting and also you can’t import your shapefile data to map. For these purposes, it is more appropriate the GIS.XL add-in, for which I plan to release the support of online base maps in the next version. Map.XL in action you can see in the following video.

Add-in does not include any directly restrictions such as the number of displayable points.