GIS.XL Newsletter [1]

Published on Sunday, May 8, 2016 by Milos Gregor

It’s been three months from the public launch. What has happened? How the project continues? Answers to these questions you will find in the following text.

GIS.XL project was publicly launched in February. The first non-public version was completed last summer. Over the past three months site has over 4,000 unique visitors. Number of downloads (on all sites and servers) reached 1,500 and the first license was sold in first month after the launch.

All project steps and news are documented and reported in individual blog posts. Several intro videos and video tutorials were published. In this period were issued three important add-in updates. As the most interesting posts I chose:

In addition, complete User Manual was published and you can now download it. In the upcoming period, I plan to continue creating video tutorials for individual add-in functions and features. If you have any question, comment or problem, please feel free to contact me.