How to Import Data from GPX File to Excel

GIS.XL add-in (from version 2.0) allows you to import spatial data from GPX files – track points and waypoints into Excel. This feature can be found in the GIS toolbar tab under the item Special – Import from GPX.

Clicking on this item will display the Open File Dialog, where you choose the gpx file that you want to import into the Excel.

After import, the program automatically opens and processes selected file - track points and waypoints together with their coordinates and related data. Based on these data, GIS.XL creates two point layers. One will contain track points and the other waypoints. Related data will be saved to the shapefile attribute table. Layer names are generated from the GPX file name – track points are named in "FileName" & "_trackpoints" form and waypoints are labelled as "FileName" & "_waypoints". An example of imported GPX file is shown in the following figure.

Point labels are created from the GPX data that was stored in shapefile attribute table.