Data Selection in Spreadsheet Before Processing

Data selection in your spreadsheet is essential when you are working with GIS.XL add-in. If you want to export Excel data into maps or update an existing map layer, you must know basic technical characteristics about data selection. If you want to select the entire table, just press Ctrl+A, but the first row must always contain descriptions (names) of the selected columns. If the first row has numeric values, the program understands them as labels. If the first selected row is empty, the program uses Excel column descriptors as labels (A, B, C)

You can have dynamic Excel formulas, such as "=A2+B2/C2" in your selection, as well as numbers and strings. Another add-in characteristic is the possibility to work with filtered data. If you only want to display selected lines in your map, you can use the built-in Excel feature - Filter. If you want to work with filtered selection in your table, you can also use this command, because add-in supports this feature. You can still continue to use individual functions for selected data in your spreadsheet; and the first function described here is creating a new map layer.