How to Install & Uninstall GIS.XL Add-in

Installation of GIS.XL add-in is very simple. You just follow the assistant who takes care of everything for you. If something is missing in your computer (a library), the installation program automatically downloads and installs it. After installation, you can use add-in immediately.

The first step is, download the installation package from website.

The installation package is a compressed zip file you can open after the download. Just run setup.exe file in the directory, and follow the instuctions.

After running setup.exe, a control dialog is displayed that asks if you want to run the installation program. If you click on the Run button, add-in installation begins. The actual installation starts when you click the Install button. The progress bar in the next dialog displays installation status and progress. The final dialog informs you if the software is installed successfully.

The installation is complete after clicking the Close button, and you can immediately use add-in. If you start MS Excel, you will find a new tab called GIS [demo] at the end of the ribbon toolbar. You can now use add-in to test it and familiarize yourself with it. If you want to use the add-in without limitations, you must activate your license.

If an error occurs during installation (security exception), one step is required before instaling again. Copy the installation package you downloaded to the directory you have full adminitrative rights to (such as "My Documents" folder). Once you have copied the package install it again, and installation takes place correctly. After the installation, you can delete the package from the My Documents directory.

If you want to update or remove add-in from your computer, it is easy. Add-in is uninstalled exactly the same as you remove other programs from your computer. Firstly, open the Control Panel – Programs – Programs and Features window. Find GIS.XL in the list of programs, double-click on it, or right-click on it and choose Uninstall from the context menu. Uninstalling removes add-in from your computer.

If you have activated your commercial add-in license, you must detach it before uninstalling the program. Otherwise, you can not activate your commercial license on another computer and it will remain on your current computer.