How to Activate & Deactivate License for GIS.XL Add-in

After installing add-in, you can immediately use the demo version. This version includes all functions; but some are limited. You will find limited functions in the Functions group in the ribbon toolbar tab. If you want to use the full version of add-in, you must activate your commercial license. An auxiliary dialog appears when you click the License ribbon button and this enables activation. Your computer must be connected to the internet to activate your license.

Add-in firstly verifies connectivity to the installation server. Then you can install the license which you purchase in the site. After purchasing the license you get a registration code you insert into the text-box. After license activation, you can use the full version immediately, and without restrictions.

If you want to activate your license on another computer, or upgrade to a higher add-in version, you must first deactivate your license on your current computer. Click on the License button in the ribbon toolbar, enter the registration code in that window and click the Detach License button. Then you can use your license on another computer.