Add-in Benefits

This tool I firstly created for myself to increase the efficiency at work with spatial data. As a hydrogeologist I often work with spatial data. If you work in any institution, probably more than 80 % of data you receive in the form of Excel spreadsheets. If you want to visualize these data, you must always export them to GIS program. These data transfers (Excel to GIS) are not effective or quick.

Because I don't found existing solution that fully meet my requirements, I created this add-in. Later, when my colleagues see the result, they also want to use it. The tool was completed to stable solution and now it may be used publicly. The GIS.XL add-in can be installed on 64-bit as well as on 32-bit computer, and can work in Excel 2005 or newer. It needs only Windows OS and does not need any additional external programs, library or web services.

On monthly basis, you can save with this solution hours at work. The greatest benefits of the GIS.XL add-in are:

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